That Corner Store is a one stop shop for all men’s styling needs. It’s an e-commerce portal aimed at encouraging men to try out new trends in fashion, while not going over the top but to aid them in everyday wear. There are six brands in all under TCS. Five of them cover different styles like formals, semi formals, casuals, denim and activewear, and one brand that has all accessories. In effect, an entire look or ensemble can be shopped on TCS. All brands under TCS cater to an age group of a fresh graduate to a new working professional. Brands are conveniently priced to cater to the target group.

The core brand ideology is built around the basic elements of design like dot, line, shape, form, colour and texture, one for each brand.

That Corner Store is a venture of Noire Designs Private Limited based out of Bangalore with an industry experience of more than 10 Years

Cruzar is a Spanish word which means ‘Cross’. Semi formals perhaps is one area where experimentation if any would have to be done with utmost regard to subtlety. Anything less and it’d look formal. Anything more and it’d, well, look casual. Cruzar, quite literally means ‘Cross the line’. The thought involved behind this term is to encourage people to try out new vistas in fashion trends. And nothing better than semi formal to get at it.

Cruzar borrows design elements from the LINE. The line, which is a combination of dots denotes a more experimental form of clothing as compared to formals. It also signifies playfulness and dynamism. Although it is not entirely casual, it perhaps showcases itself as a watered down version of formals.

A line itself displays characteristics that can be interpreted in various ways. For example, a line could be vertical, horizontal, curved or angular. The design language correlates to the various traits these lines could show, and hence, this range is more experimental.

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